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Membership Information

Membership to the Sheboygan Rifle and Pistol Club, INc.

The Sheboygan Rifle and Pistol Club, Inc. is open to all interested parties who can legally own and use firearms.  Race, religious affiliation, political affiliation, gender or any other unique definition of an individual shall not matter in membership applications or acceptance into the club.  Membership eligibility shall match the requirements of Federal background checks for the purchase of firearms, and a background check will take place to make certain no felons or individuals legally banned from firearm ownership are allowed. 

The club recognizes the National Rifle Association as a key leader in 2nd Amendment right protection, range safety guidance and firearms training and therefore requires that all members sustain a membership in the N.R.A.  Should an individual choose not to join the N.R.A. or sustain membership they will not be allowed to also be a member of the Sheboygan Rifle and Pistol Club.

The club is designed to be sustained by its membership with an intent of leaving the club and its property as a gift to the future, never jeopardizing its existence nor reducing its property size or efforts to promote safe firearm usage and education to the community.

The current membership cap is 325 members.  This number can be reduced or increased depending on need as monitored by the Board of Directors.  Individuals interested in membership are encouraged to fill out an application and once received, completed as necessary, they will be put on a waiting list and updated on their status on a regular basis.  No priority will be placed on any application, the process will be upheld with dignity and honesty with order of receiving applications being the sole factor in placement on the waiting list. [include a link to automatically scroll down to the waiting list here]

All organized shooting activities (matches, scheduled shoots) are open to the public and applicants will be reminded they are welcome to take part in these activities while on the waiting list as well.  General range usage or access however will not be granted until their name comes up for membership and all training requirements are met.
Members are required to know the range rules and keep informed by checking the rule section of our website and in physical postings around the range.

At any point membership can be cancelled by the club and its Board of Directors should an individual found to be unsafe in firearm usage, vandalism to the range or its property, or using its property to train for or abet any illegal activities.  Members are not allowed to alter the range or its property without the consent and approval of its Board of Directors. 

Members are not allowed to address the media or the public regarding official matters of the club and its activities or status.  The club makes every effort for transparency to the general public and should any statements or reports need to be offered it shall be under the leadership and consent of its Board of Directors.

Members are expected to represent the shooting sports with dignity and be good representatives of our club.  Our goal is the exercise and protection of our rights guaranteed by the Constitution of The United States of America, all done in unison with the respect of all other rights and opinions of all U.S. citizens and their rights regardless of beliefs.

All members are to understand and acknowledge all range rules and should a violation of any safety rule occur, especially any that could cause bodily harm, membership shall immediately be reviewed and potentially revoked.  Safety for members and the general public shall be the foundation of this range.  In doing so, we strive to protect this resource which benefits the community at large.

While members of The Sheboygan Rifle and Pistol Club have no ownership of actual property, it is important that in accepting membership that they acknowledge that they are the guardians of this property and to never alter the intent or foundations of the values it represents.       

Upon death or ending of membership to the club all members cede any rights to the club and its properties immediately.      

Membership Requirements


Dues:  Dues for new members are $90.00, with a one-time fee of $45.00; you will not pay anything until you become a member.  Dues for existing members are $410.00.  Many club members pay less than $100.00 each year for renewal dues as they provide 5 valuable work hours at club sponsored events and attend club meetings to decrease their dues.  
Dues for the coming year are determined by the club's members at the November meeting.  Memberships are on a calendar year basis.  Partial year memberships are not available. 
Work Hours: Members who complete 5 authorized work hours reduce their assessment by $270.00 on the next year's dues.  Members over the age of 65 are exempt from work hour requirements but many still complete work hours. 
Meetings: Members who attend 2 of the 6 meetings per year reduce their club dues by $50.00.    
NRA Membership: Membership in the National Rifle Association (NRA) is a mandatory requirement for all club members.  You must provide us with your NRA membership number before you can become a member of the club. 
Active Duty Service Personnel: Any service person on active duty, who is a member in good standing, will be exempt from dues, work hours, and meetings for the full term of their active duty.  It is the responsibility of the service person to inform the club membership chairman of their service. 
Safety Orientation:  All Members are required to attend and successfully complete a club sponsored range safety orientation during their first year of membership.  A key to our outdoor range will be provided to each member only upon successful completion of the safety orientation.  Failure to complete the safety orientation requirement will result in denial of membership for the next calendar year. 
Other Requirements: If you become a member, you will be expected to become active in helping us protect our range, our sport, and our right to keep and bear arms.  A club newsletter is sent to members before each meeting, detailing meeting dates and other activities.  Please volunteer for existing committee projects or submit new ideas of your own for club action.  To raise money for club projects, we sponsor sight-ins, shooting events, and raffles.  We will be asking for your help in these and other efforts. 
Range: Our outdoor range is located about 5 miles north of Sheboygan, just east of Hwy. LS on Rowe Rd.  It is open year-round for our members.  Safety rules must be observed by everyone using the range, both for the user's personal safety and as a responsibility to neighboring property owners.  The Wisconsin Range Protection Act protects us from complaints about noise, but not from unsafe acts.  

Each member has a responsibility to keep our sport safe and insure the future of our club.

For potential members that can not apply online we have a paper application:

Current Waiting List:

  • The Waiting list is determined solely based on the date the application was received.  No preferential treatment will be given for any reason.
  • If multiple applications were received on the same day, the order was determined by the order the application letter was opened or when submitted online.
  • While you are on the waiting list, Ryan Linder, secretary, will plan on informing you, every two months, of our club’s shooting events that are always open to the public by email or phone (if no email is given).  
  • If you applied before 2019 and do not see yourself on the current waiting list, you will have to reapply and be at the end of the list. Our previous system was paper based and this is how it was handled: you sent a paper application, when you were at the top of the list, an invitation was mailed to you, if you didn’t respond, the member in charge attempted to call the phone number on the application, and if still no response you were removed from the list and the next person was taken.
  • To those applying after March 15th 2019. There is a possibility that the waiting order may change; however, it only changes because of our first rule: waiting list order is determined solely by order of receiving an application.  Our new website and paper application process changes the member that receives the paper applications.  You are not being skipped; an application may have been received from our previous application procedure/address before your application was accepted.  However, there is a possibility that our previous paper applications continue to be used and mailed to our previous application mailing address (on North 11th St).  In keeping with our first rule, then and only then will the "order" change.  To repeat once again: the true order did not change given that another member on the membership committee received an application on the date mentioned in the list below.  If and when this occurs, all people on the waiting list that will appear to be skipped will be notified.  This may never occur, but deserves to be mentioned.
  • On 10/10/19 a completed paper application of Chuck S. was found and he submitted this application on January 1st of 2019.  As such, he was #25 on the list; likewise, everyone that submitted after him had increased their place by one (31 became 32, 45 became 46, etc.).
  • For questions, concerns, or problems, contact Ryan at or 920-750-1799.

Order Name YOB Application Received
1 Jack J. 1959 11/11/2017
2 Garrett T. 1956 11/19/2017
3 George H. 1949 12/2/2017
4 Jason B. 1979 12/7/2017
5 Patrick K. 1957 12/13/2017
6 Robert R. 1970 12/18/2017
7 Kevin P. 1958 12/20/2017
8 Scott W. 1956 1/10/2018
9 Jamie L. 1976 2/5/2018
10 Randy K. 1962 2/6/2018
11 Daniel L. 1964 2/6/2018
12 Michael R. 1966 3/5/2018
13 Jon D. 1955 3/21/2018
14 Ken B. 1967 4/1/2018
15 Christopher J. 1974 4/18/2018
16 Tyler G. 1971 5/30/2018
17 Jared R. 1986 6/3/2018
18 Brett M. 1987 6/4/2018
19 Mark A. 1965 7/20/2018
20 Dan T. 1964 7/25/2018
Order Name YOB Application Received
21 Rainger R. 1995 8/9/2018
22 Alan G. 1964 8/11/2018
23 Nathan D. 1963 8/11/2018
24 James S. 1968 8/29/2018
25 Chuck S. 1948 1/1/2019
26 Troy S. 1963 1/10/2019
27 Jeremy D. 1980 1/15/2019
28 Andy W. 1985 1/25/2019
29 Ryan B. 1989 2/6/2019
30 Kimberly A. 1966 2/15/2019
31 Robert L. 1981 2/19/2019
32 Mark R. 1947 3/11/2019
33 Donald S. 1957 3/13/2019
34 Stephen G. 1966 3/29/2019
35 Brian I. 1977 5/2/2019
36 Charles S. 1943 5/4/2019
37 Gustavo L. 1965 5/7/2019
38 Joseph M. 1943 5/13/2019
39 Nathaniel J. 1997 5/16/2019
40 Donald G. 1965 6/10/2019 6:24am
Order Name YOB Application Received
41 Jacob P. 1996 6/10/2019 11:25am
42 Robert J. 1979 6/29/2019
43 Brad K. 1981 7/12/2019
44 David S. 1977 8/7/2019
45 Dao V. 1980 8/13/2019
46 Cory F. 1956 8/14/2019
47 Andrew S. 1953 8/18/2019
48 Gary G. 1973 9/12/2019
49 John S. 1963 9/15/2019 2:44pm
50 Terry W. 1972 9/15/2019 11:54pm
51 Matthew B. 1985 9/21/2019
52 Matthew M. TBD 10/13/19
53 Connor C. 1995 10/17/2019


As a member of the Sheboygan Rifle and Pistol Club, you have access to the entire club including reserving the clubhouse. If you wanted to use the clubhouse for an activity, you can do so. However, the clubhouse is not intended to be used for one’s personal financial gain.
To reserve the clubhouse, make sure the clubhouse is not currently reserved for the date desired and then contact Russ Margenau, Executive Officer, at 920-917-7523 or at least two months in advance. Please provide your name, date and hours desired, and reason for the clubhouse use in the email or phone message (if it goes to voice mail). Russ will contact you with a confirmation and will update the calendar to reserve the club house.
The day that you reserve the clubhouse, your FOB will be updated to give you access to the clubhouse; confirmation of this will be provided by email or phone call the morning of your reserved date. Make sure you also have Russ’s phone number available in case you get locked out and need to get in.
When you are done, make sure all the doors are closed and the clubhouse is clean; a checklist will be provided via email and a copy is in the clubhouse by the light switches in the main meeting room. Please contact Russ when you are done and your FOB status will return to normal: no longer have clubhouse access.

Current Clubhouse Reservations


As a member of the Sheboygan Rifle and Pistol Club, the Club’s steel is your steel and you are able to get access to use it on Club property.
To get access to the steel, contact Ryan Linder, Secretary, at 920-750-1799 or at least 48 hours in advance. Please provide your name and date desired in the email, text, or phone message (if it goes to voice mail). Ryan will contact you with a confirmation.

Four rules when using club steel.
  1. As always safety first: You should always be using eye protection when shooting, especially when shooting steel. Splatter is common when shooting steel so it is an absolute necessity for everyone present: shooting or watching. Not following this rule, will result in Board review.
  2. The designated firing line is the concrete firing line. To be able to shoot steel you must move the firing line so that the steel targets are right in front of the berms. If another member shows up and wants to shoot at the designated firing line, the firing line must be moved and your steel shooting will be cut short. That is the risk of trying to shoot the club steel.
  3. Know the distance you must be away from the steel: 30 feet minimum for pistol caliber ammunition (including 22LR) or 100 yards for rifle rounds. Not following this rule, will result in Board review.
  4. No armor piercing rounds. Check your ammo; if you don’t know, don’t shoot the Club’s steel. If you do put holes in Club steel, let the Board know; it’s better for you instead of the Board finding out after the fact.
    Not following any of the above rules will result in Board review.
The day that you are signed up for the steel access, your FOB will be updated to give you access to the clubhouse; confirmation of this will be provided by email or phone call the morning of your reserved date. Make sure you also have Ryan’s phone number available in case you get locked out of the clubhouse and need to get in. There will be additional instructions and a key on how to access the steel by the light switches in the main meeting room.
When you are done, make sure all the steel is returned to its proper place (take a picture with your phone before grabbing any steel) and the steel access key is returned to the clubhouse; a checklist will be provided via email and a copy is in the clubhouse by the light switches in the main meeting room. Please contact Ryan when you are done and your FOB status will return to normal: no longer have clubhouse access.

Members get a discount on their NRA Renewal

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